Monthly Archives: May 2017

I No Longer Cringe at the Mirror

I used to have a problem with my body, even though women are told to love themselves no matter how they look. That is much easier to accept when you do like how you look. When you see the problematic love handles, it is a lot harder to accept that self love message. I knew that I wanted to find a way to get rid of them without having to do anything too extreme. I did some research, and one thing led to another. I did a search for coolsculpting in Austin 78746, and I was able to find exactly what I needed to give me the confidence to love my body.

For me, that meant getting rid of my love handles. I had tried dieting, exercises that claim to target specific areas such as where my love handles were, and even some supplements, but nothing worked. I did not want to have plastic surgery, because I am terrified of being put under. I have went 20 something years without being knocked out, and I wanted to go at least another 50 or so before that had to happen.