They Are My Official Dentist Too

When I moved to Aurora, it took a lot of getting used to. I had originally lived in a very small farming community in West Virginia, so it was a bit of a culture shock. However, I found out quickly that I really loved living in a much bigger city. I took my time getting to know my way around, which is probably what contributed to my reason on not finding a new dentist right away. That changed though not that long ago, and I knew I had to find the best dentist in Aurora CO.

I went online to start my search, because I knew that there were probably a lot of different dentists in the area. I wanted to find one that was reasonable with their prices since my dental insurance is not the best, but I also wanted them to be the best in their profession too. When I came across one that is the official dentist for the local NFL team, I knew that they were the ones that I was going to visit. I have seen these football stars smile, and if this dentist is responsible for their brilliant smiles, then I wanted them to be responsible for mine too.

I had more pressing matters at the time though. I had chipped a tooth when I was in a minor accident, and I wanted it fixed right away. This dental team not only made me feel very comfortable when I went there, but they were also very nice in giving me several different options with all of the details on how to go forward with my dental care. I quickly found out that this was a dental practice that truly does care about their clients, and that is the reason that they will be my official dentist too.